Creating Effective Business Results With Workforce Talent

Why Us

There’s a recurring problem in workplace learning.
Many solutions are implemented off-the-cuff, without the end business goals in mind.
DIGIRAMIS exists to transform the way workforce training is implemented and measured.

IVAN KENNES helps people and organisations meet their talent management needs. Have a look at his background, skills and expertise below.
Solutions Designer
Solutions Designer
Coach, Consultant and Business Owner
I use psychometric profiling, design thinking methodology and behavioural psychology – coupled with 2.5 decades of cross-industry experience – to provide strategic advice and effective implementation solutions to organisations that need to see their talent & learning management strategy deliver measurable outcomes.
Learning Technologist
Learning Technologist
e-Assessment Technical Specialist
I bring to you 20 years of expertise in technology support projects with a specialism in computer-based testing and learning technologies delivery. An additional focus of mine has been to help non-native trainers and users with the adoption of learning technologies. I’ve worked in the commercial, corporate, academic, financial, healthcare, government and non-profit sectors.
Channel Sales and Territory Developer
I worked for 12 years on growing new market share for the learning and assessment divisions of international clients in the UK & Ireland, mainland Europe, Russia, CIS, Turkey and the Middle East. I matched up 100s of global organisations, academic programs and workforce development initiatives to assessment solutions and certification delivery programs to achieve desired business outcomes.
Native Speaker of Multiple Languages
I have lived in the UK for half my life but am a Belgian native with lifelong fluency in English, Dutch, Flemish, French and Bulgarian. I also posses working business proficiency in German, Afrikaans and Macedonian and a working knowledge of most Slavic, Germanic and Roman languages.

What we do

Creating effective business results with workforce talent through a blend of psychometric profiling, learning analytics and design thinking.
Intertwining the branches of talent development & learning technologies to create measurable business outcomes

DIGIRAMIS creates effective and measurable results for your organisation by linking the branches of Neuroscientific Profiling, Design Thinking and Learning Analytics to harness your workforce talent's untapped potential.

DIGIRAMIS understands that your organisational success is talent-centric. your people are what drive your business forward. Without a suitable learning environment, there is no workforce engagement. Without engagement, your business outcomes will fall short.

DIGIRAMIS follows a clear process to address with you what your business objectives actually are and develops workforce competencies by first understanding their thinking and behavioural preferences to identify how gaps that need addressing.

DIGIRAMIS helps you design a suitable framework to gather actionable learning data through summative and formative evaluations that can be used to adapt and adjust training approaches in alignment with business goals.

How we do it

Assessment | Alignment | Acumen | Analysis

By developing a new 3 stage model based on extensive experience, organisations can now understand their people through neuroscience, align training with business goals and measure the outcome and business impact with data analytics.
1) Know Your People With Neuroscience


The Emergenetics ® Profile was developed through years of research in neuroscience. It accurately measures three behavioural attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual).

2) Align Training And Business Goals


Learning Technology Concept of Operations 1-day intensive Design Thinking Workshop with all your key project stakeholders. My workshops follow design think methodology to evaluate your learning technology ecosystem and gather actionable intelligence to calibrate your business L&D efforts.

3) Measure Business Outcomes


Determine the most effective learning for your staff, improve your learning program, and gain the data to tell a compelling talent development story around training impact. Unlock the full potential of learning data and draw direct lines to competencies and adapt learning to enhance effectiveness and prove measurable organisational impact.

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